Political cover art

Book cover of Politically Detained.

Politically Detained by Graham Clews.

Ta da!

Here’s the cover of my latest book: Politically Detained. It’s a novel relevant to what’s going on in Canada today.

I turn several perceived government wrongs into a cause célèbre for my ageing cast of characters (while getting a few things off my chest, at the same time). The book is a tongue in cheek dig at our political process, laced with a good hard look at a few costly, unfair benefit programs sanctioned by both major political parties.

I’ll be releasing more details soon so stay tuned.


A living world constructed out of the fibres of history

Eboracum: the Village.

Eboracum: the Village.

Here’s the newest review of The Village, the first book in the Eboracum trilogy.  Thanks!


The author of The Village says this book isn’t a romance. But I beg to differ: I fell in love with the two main characters, Cethen and Gaius. One’s a Celt. One’s a Roman. And they’re at war with each other.

It’s 71 AD in what is now the north of Great Britain. Cethen the Celt is living (somewhat) peacefully with his wife and children when Gaius the Roman shows up. The two are pitted against each other from that moment on. So were my hopes and fears: I wanted the best for both of them but it’s not meant to be. One side will eventually win, just like in life.

Graham Clews constructed a living world out of the fibres of history. Through his words, I could see the settlements and the forts and the battlefields. He had my emotions swinging back and forth with every war cry, damp forest prowl and ahem, passionate sword thrusting of different kinds.

This book isn’t just filled with action and bloody and muddy battles: it’s about family, struggles and making tough choices. With a dash of dark humour to brighten the gloomy British weather, The Village is a great read anytime. I’m looking forward to being reunited with Cethen and Gaius in its sequel, The Fortress.