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Slightly Tainted Hero front cover.

Slightly Tainted Hero by Graham Clews.

Hello all,

Over 800 people signed up for my GoodReads giveaway. I’ll be sending out books to the five people who were selected today. They’re all around the world from India to Ukraine to the U.S. and my backyard, Canada. Thanks for the interest. Please add me as a friend or follow me on GoodReads.

I have a new book coming out soon. It’s called Slightly Tainted Hero and is about an accountant named Dave. Dave is the tainted hero of a novel that takes an often humorous, sometimes thoughtful look at the bittersweet irony when the good things in life turn out, as they often do, to be ‘Slightly Tainted’. Or, as Dave likes to put it: “Every silver lining has a cloud!”

For more on Slightly Tainted Hero, go to GoodReads.

Chat soon, Graham


Grey Power: Never Count Us Out

Road sign.

Photo credit: Ethan Prater.

Politically Detained is a book about making changes – making changes in and to Ottawa. A small band of seniors is the ones taking names and kicking politician butt in my fictional story. “Grey Power” is very real and very powerful and as a senior myself, I know we can use our lifetime of knowledge for good.

Those of us who are seniors today grew up in a different world than our children and grandchildren. Maybe this is what happens with the aging process but we seniors feel uncomfortable about the world we’re leaving them in. The younger generations are facing global conflicts, continuous economic upheaval and no job security. I feel they’re unprepared for what’s happening.

Maybe it’s because seniors like to worry but I think we’re much more concerned with what’s going on in Canada and around the planet. The senior audience is more attentive to the misdemeanours of life and we stop to listen instead of rushing to the computer to tweet out the latest news. Because of this, Grey Power features prominently in Politically Detained. Never count us out.

I’m giving away five autographed copies of Politically Detained via GoodReads. Offer ends on election day. (Oct. 19, 2015.) You can also add me as a friend or follow me on GoodReads.

Got get ’em!

GoodReads logo.Goodreads approved my giveaway for Politically Detained. This is my first giveaway and I’m excited that anyone, anywhere could potentially be reading my novel. I haven’t put many geographical restrictions on the event and I’ve opened it up to the world. (And anywhere else there are books. Any literate Martians out there?)

I have 5 copies of Politically Detained to giveaway. The offer starts this Thursday so watch my GoodReads page for details on how to sign up. Good luck!