Cutting grass and growing words

GrassIt’s summer and while for some people that means holidays and rest, for me it means work… and I’m retired! I’m mowing the grass today around our place. It takes two of us to get the job done. I get on my mower, my wife gets on her mower, and then we go around and around for three hours until the green grass has been tamed. (Okay, not tamed – it’s not a wild animal but it is less unkempt.) The yard is about four acres and it looks like a manicured park after we’re done.

I’m still in the midst of writing Eboracum IV.  It has reached the 120,000 word count and I now think I know where I’m going. I may  start the first rewrite by September 1. Just like the grass though, I’ll have to do some cutting at some point. 😉