Moor inspiration – Graham in Yorkshire Tour

Roman Milestone on Pateley Moor, North Yorkshire.

Roman Milestone on Pateley Moor, North Yorkshire.

When I’m writing about an area, I like to get it right. This is especially important as a writer of historical fiction. I don’t want to put a mountain in the centre of the city of York (or in my books, Eboracum) when I know there isn’t one. That just takes you, the reader, out of the story and start doubting the authenticity of the characters. I don’t like doing that. That’s why next week I’m heading to Yorkshire to do some research as well as novel promoting and visiting family.

I’m Yorkshire born and born out of my former home are my four Eboracum novels. The fifth book is slowly being shaped and I’d like to check out some landmarks to make sure they fit in my characters’ landscape. Of course, I know after thousands of years things change but like I said above, you can’t make a mountain out of a molehill.

Scotland is my first stop and then I’m off to Yorkshire where I’ll be delivering books to a few radio stations that are interviewing me. One drop-off location is in Scarborough on the North Sea coast and where I first learned to swim. After those errands are done, I’ll spend the rest of the time on the moors doing research and being inspired by the scenery and ghosts of ages past.

The radio interviews start on Wednesday, Oct. 18 with Coast and County Radio, a North Yorkshire station. The next day, Drystone Radio is taping a talk about my books. Friday, Oct. 20 starts with an early morning chat with Yorkshire Radio. (I’ll keep you posted about the interviews via my social media.)

On my downtime across the pond, I’ll be exploring various historic sites for research and determining possible places to use in Book V. Three places in Scotland that I’d like to see are the Tava estuary, where Dag was holed up; Stirling, which I’m using as a new base for him; and also the road that goes to Agricola’s forts and where Selia fled south. (I’m glad the U.K. isn’t as large as Canada.)

At the end of October, I’ll return home to Alberta with moor inspiration and a clear view of old battlefields, ancient harbours and bygone villages. Readers, get ready to take on an action-packed Book V!

The North Bay, Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

The North Bay, Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

If you’re a reader of mine in the U.K., I won’t have room in my luggage to bring my new book, No Turning Back, to you. To buy it, go to or for the ebook: Drop me a line under the comments section here and tell me about your favourite historical place to visit in the U.K.


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