Author Graham Clews.

Graham Clews

I’m a retired chartered accountant, who loves to write. I’m fascinated by history, specifically that of the Romans in York (Eboracum), and I combined my love of both history and writing and ended up with several books. Like most authors, I want to see my novels and poetry read and enjoyed by as many people as possible—the more the merrier. As to the financial aspect of writing, of course I would like to make some money rather than seeing it for what it is: a rather expensive hobby. I suppose I would like to gains some public recognition as being a person who is able to write reasonably well.

On reflection, it is probably more the latter than the former, because as one gets older (old?) the money becomes less important than leaving behind something that someone other than your next of kin remembers you by. Mind you, being pragmatic, by the time that does occur, it’s not going to matter anymore, anyway….



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